750 Boda Boda (motorcycle taxi) riders have been certified through a driver safety training course organised by AA Tanzania.

The graduation ceremony in Dar Es Salaam was the latest activity in a three-year boad boda safety programme led by the motoring club, with support from the FIA Foundation through the FIA’s Road Safety Grants Progrmame.

Community Police Commissioner, Musa Ali Musa, attended the ceremony and urged the riders to look at the bigger picture of safer driving, which leads not only to fewer accidents, but also to a reduction in government spending as well. The Automobile Association of Tanzania (AAT) President, Nizar Jivani, said that the training was challenging for the Boda boda riders, as the target for riders to be trained was 1000, but only three quarters succeeded in finishing the three month course. Commissioner Musatold the event that in 2013, boda boda were involved in 18.5% of the total number of road crashes in the country, resulting in 1058 deaths and another 6578 people injured.

Apart from the graduating drivers, a total of ten women traffic police were also congratulated and received certificates for attending driver training conducted by AAT instructors, this year being the second where AAT is offering driving training to police officers. The programme was jointly managed by AAT and the Tanzania Traffic Police force.