OECD hosts new Safer City Streets network

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A new global traffic safety network for liveable cities, Safer City Streets, has met for the first time at the OECD in Paris. The network, coordinated by the International Transport Forum and the FIA, is supported with a grant from the FIA Foundation.

As one person dies in urban traffic every minute in the world, road safety has become a growing issue for mayors and city managers, who want to make their cities more liveable and promote more sustainable forms of mobility. As the ITF/OECD’s 2016 report "Zero Road Deaths and Serious Injuries: Leading a Paradigm Shift to a Safe System” highlights, cities are also in the forefront of establishing ambitious ‘Vision Zero’ policies seeking to drive down death and serious injury through application of a safe system approach.

Launched at the UN Habitat III Conference in Quito in October 2016, Safer Cities Streets’ network gathers 38 cities around the world – ranging from Astana in Kazakhstan to Zürich in Switzerland and including global cities such as New York City, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, London, Berlin, Melbourne, Buenos Aires, Montreal and many others.

The first meeting in Paris on 20th and 21st April provided a global platform for over 50 road safety experts to exchange knowledge on road safety policies and learn from each other and their respective cities. They also discussed the data analysed by the ITF and made available in a dedicated database, allowing member cities to benchmark their policies.

The Safer City Streets initiative is founded under the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme, supported by the FIA Foundation, as part of the cooperation between the FIA and the International Transport Forum. The IRTAD (International Traffic Safety Data Analysis Group), which brings governments together to share, compare and rationalise road traffic injury data, is also part of the network.

Andrew McKellar, FIA Secretary General for Automobile Mobility and Tourism said: “The FIA is delighted to provide support to the Safer City Streets project, which offers a unique global platform for cities to promote effective road safety policies. We are pleased to see that many cities around the world expressed and interested in working together and learning from each other: improving safety in cities is key to advancing the post-2015 development agenda and similar projects can significantly contribute to make our cities safer”.

Also attending the meeting, Rita Cuypers, FIA Foundation Director of Partnerships, said: “Cities are on the frontline of action to reduce road traffic death and injury. They are leading innovation and the ambitious Safe System agenda and, in some cases, bucking national trends to show that it is possible to reduce the casualty toll, particularly by addressing vehicle speed. So the FIA Foundation is pleased to support the FIA and ITF’s convening of this group, which can play an important role in sharing good practice, measuring progress and mutually reinforcing efforts to drive preventable death and injury from urban roads.”

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